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Fire Hose

fire hose stations provide quick response during the first few minutes.

Standpipe and occupant use fire hose systems provide means for manual application of  water to fires in buildings. They do not take the place of automatic  extinguishing systems which are important in large buildings.

Quick Suppression
Standpipe hose systems can be  effectively used in the incipient stage (after everyone is safe and the  fire department has been called), often extinguishing the fire before  automatic systems can activate.

One Person Operation
Standpipe hose systems are  activated and operated by one person, and do not depend on heat, smoke  or flame to spread before water is applied to the fire. This manual  equipment provides total reliability in case automatic systems fail.

Minimal Water Damage
Standpipe hose systems can  minimize water damage since water can be applied directly at the base of  the fire versus indiscriminate spray from automatic systems.  Additionally, the hose systems can be turned off immediately.

Occupancy Safety & Rescue
Standpipe hose  systems can be used to allow time for evacuation, protect a means of  egress, or defend occupants who cannot evacuate the building.

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