Fire Hose

Occupant Use Fire Hose are an important safety feature of many residential, commercial and industrial facilities and are designed to be used to fight incipient stage fires while the fire department is enroute to professionally extinguish the fire. It is important to keep your occupant use fire hose system in proper working order and ensure its readiness for use.

City Wide Fire provides Occupant Use Fire Hose sales, service, installation and training. We inspect and test fire hose on existing fire hose systems and replace faulty hose and/or hose racks, reels, and nozzles.

We provide the appropriate service to ensure you are in compliance with the NFPA guidelines and local fire code requirements. We furnish all accessories for hose systems, including fire hose covers, nozzles, valves and signage. We can also supply all types of caps, plugs, and fixtures for fire department connections, hydrants and valves.